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La Ca’ Vecchia periodically organizes seasonal lunches and dinners, with a fixed menu: for example, in November, a dinner is dedicated to the pork; in Autumn, a lunch is dedicated to Porcini mushrooms. These annual events are dedicated to specific dishes and ingredients, and sometimes during these occasions we also host live music.

Next event
Sunday 10 September – 12.30

Salame, coppa and pancetta with pickles
Pumpkin Ravioli, with homemade rolling pin pasta
Pulpèt d’la serva (little rolls of loin with tomato sauce and polenta fioretto)
Filled September peaches, in the oven

Vegetables antipasto with different vegetables in tomato sauce with spices (on demand, with boiled egg)
Polenta with gorgonzola and other cheese

35 euros
Water and Wines from Oltrepò Pavese included
Reservation at +39 320 0699101… looking forward to see you!