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High Quality in Tradition

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    La Ca’ Vecchia restaurant awaits you to enjoy lunches and dinners in its intimate atmosphere, and to live moments of conviviality in a welcoming and relaxing space – with quality and real traditional attitude. The venue can hosts up to 35 people, and of course nice dogs are welcome.

    The reservation is mandatory, to perfectly satisfy the culinary request of our guests: we always plan together the selection and the choice for the meals. An approximate cost for a complete meal is about 30-35 euros; for the wines, we start from the price of 10 euros per liter for a good Bonarda wine (cantina Fratelli Guerci), then we have a selection of very good and superior wines.

    For the children, the meal has a cost between 5 and 15 euros.


    All the dishes are cooked with high quality ingredients, which are personally selectioned. Some of our typical dishes

    • Agnolotti (a kind of ravioli) with beef stew
    • Risotti for example, Risotto of Pavia with “fagiolini dell’occhio” (beans), Risotto with salame, Risotto with fish, Risotto with asparagus, Risotto with spinach, Risotto with celery, nuts and gorgonzola, Risotto with pomegranate…
    • Pasta home-made with the rolling pin, filled with seasonal vegetables: for example, Tortelli with borage, Tortelli with different kind of pumpkins, Tagliatelle with butter or with duck ragu…
    • Fruits and vegetables are seasonal, locally grown and from certified organic agriculture, when available
    • Typical cured meats from Oltrepo’ Pavese: salame Varzi, coppa, pancetta, cotechino, lardo
    • Braised meat with polenta, Casseula, Frittura lombarda of pork (loin, sausage and liver with tomato sauce and polenta)
    • Vegetarian dishes: for example, Rabatòn (chard croquettes with ricotta cheese from cow’s or sheep’s milk), soup with black cabbage, spinach and chard croquettes, Pasta soup with beans, Pureed chickpeas soup, Polenta with fava beans
    • Local bread (Micca)
    • Home-made jams and preserves: pickles vegetables, jams of wild plums, kiwi, figues, peaches…


    The wines we serve are mainly produced in the Oltrepo’Pavese (vineries: Guerci, Cabanon, Mazzolino, Monsupello, Le Fracce, Il Poggio Montemartini); furthermore, in our menu we have some wines from Veneto (Ripasso, Amarone della Valpolicella), from Piedmont (Barolo, Barbaresco), and from Tuscany (Chianti).

    • Bonarda
    • Buttafuoco
    • Rosso Oltrepò
    • Barbera
    • Croatina
    • Riesling italico
    • Pinot grigio
    • Pinot nero
    • Chardonnay
    • Sauvignon
    • Moscato
    • Spumante Traditional method and Martinotti method