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locanda ristorante e bed&breakfast

This is what the 2004 edition of La gola in tasca (Momboso Publishing) writes about La Ca’ Vecchia:

At the moment it is the most exclusive place of the province. From the spring of 2003 the small and old country house of Rea, located on the right bank of the river Po, has been opened with its welcoming rooms and its two living rooms on the ground floor, all furnished with refined elegance, where one can enjoy, upon reservation, memorable suppers due to the quality of the products and the skilled preparation. The guests are part of the family, and the kind hosts cuddle them. It’s the ideal place to meet small group of friends and for couples who love tranquility and silence. In the good season it is beautiful to eat and to chat in the garden, under the kiwis’ arbor. The price of the supper is the least of the problems, but it does not exceed 30/35 euro. You will be serene. Let’s hope that the word of mouth doesn’t alter the original feeling.